As a client of Charisse I have been fortunate to use her services as a Reiki specialist for over 2 years.

In that time, I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited by Charisse's wisdom and knowledge of energy healing. She has helped me to relieve stress and to block out negative energy/thoughts. Her positive outlook on healing and life in general has been very uplifting during a period which I was grieving the loss of a family member. My reiki sessions with Charisse always leave me in a much better mood and remind me not to stress about the future, rather enjoy the present.

I would highly recommend Charisse as a Reiki professional.


Charisse provides an outstanding service. Each session is customized and geared towards your personalized needs so no two are the same. She is very talented & knowledgeable with a special gift of empathy. I have experienced immediate relief from anxiety,

Kimberly D.

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