Lotus Livin also offers reiki for children and animals.

What to expect during your reiki healing session

During your session, you'll sit or lay fully clothed in a relaxing room. Your reiki healer will hover their hands over your body to channel energy throughout your body. They'll target particular energy spots that correlate with specific organs to promote natural healing. You may feel mild sensations of warmth or tingling.

Your reiki healing session will last one hour, and a tune up session will last 30 minutes.


30 minutes for $70
60 minutes for $125
90 minutes for $180

4 pack ( 60 minutes each) for 450

Add On's

Crystal layout - $10
Intuitive reading - $25, add 15 minutes
Sound healing - $15, done during session time

To add 30 minutes of sound healing to a session is $50